About us

About us

Modernized. Faster. Safer.

Velyum team develops online business strategies and builds bridges between goals and final results its clients set. Velyum software brings automation to business, offers excellent data overview and insight to business statistics. Fast, modern, safe, it's a team motto – which indeed resembles how online business should look like!

Velyum Agency | Hidić Amar

Hidić Amar, Velyum Founder & CEO

Word from the founder

“I believe that programming and creating business programs and systems with purpose of elevating certain business on the market, are exactly what I’m good at – and that is one of main reasons I decided to start with my own company. In order to make business faster, more modern and safer, we create programs for automation, web shops, booking apps and systems for orders and reservations. Good software can speed up and improve business that you pursue.

Long story short on “Why us?”

Experience and deep knowledge of national and international market

We understand our knowledge on digital marketing

Business strategies aligned with digital era requirements are our thing

We stay with you even after final product is delivered – professional guidance and technical support

“Amar delighted me with his professionalism, something one indeed rarely meets with such young business professionals. The first time we met in a meeting, Amar absolutely convinced me that he truly knows what he does in his scope of work and that he does it extraordinary. I decided to cooperate with him and the results are wonderful.”

Enver Seferović, Unimatrix d.o.o.

“Simplicity of system created for us absolutely speeds up everyday process of adding new articles to our web shop.”

Haris, Unimatrix d.o.o.

“Amar is kind of person who from very beginning expressed his sense for creativity. Amar simply needs to have space to unite his creativity, imagination and programming abilities and skills, all in the profile of web programming. His concept is our future.”

prof. Sej Ramić

“Amar is a very reliable web programmer. He helped mi to create a CMS application that was extremely effective and created in such short time notice.”

Are you ready for changes, innovations and advancement?

We are here for you whenever you decide to trust us – have in mind, every moment is opportunity for someone’s business growth. Be ready on time – it’s our most valuable asset - send us that message!